A portal appeared in town leading to a strange world.
An old female mammal told me about Pokeypets and how to get one of my own. I was a bored dragon, so I decided to take this crazy quest.

I was told to visit Enchantra and stay on her good side. Talking to her, I found out she didn't feel well and her stuff would zap me when I tried to read them. So, I headed into the wild looking for somebody to cure her.

I found a mammal named Slyly that was willing to help me cure Enchantra. He was a weird mammal that would eye me strangely each time I talked to him. He hold out a paper with a spell for me to read and wasn't willing to give the paper to me. The spell allowed me to transport a winged snake to him.  He crafted a cure for me and sent it to Enchantra.

The female mammal was happy to be well again and let me read her stuff without getting zapped. She told me to talk to somebody that would craft a pokeypod for me out of stone.

Silla told me to go look for a stone that I had to head back into the wild to find. One of the new spells I learned transported the stone to her. I talked to her again and she told me about berries that are needed to dye the pod into one of three colors. I headed back into the wild to look for the berries that would turn my pod into a red one.

The final spell I learned was used to transport the berries to the person that will dye my pod into a red one.
Enchantra enchanted my finished pod, so I would be able to capture a pokeypet. I made sure that the old female mammal I met first in this weird world had anything else for me. She told me how to capture the yellow creature.

It took me a few tries to capture one, but I finally did. I found out that the thing would follow me around like a pet and mimic my poses. It also would sometimes make a sound and look quite happy. A very weird creature is all I can say about the thing.