It started like any Tuesday. I headed out of town with Taryn's group to Pitch Noids through Camp Dred. Then we headed over to Death Trap Noids cleared the first snell till some mammals and a fishman needed to head to the library to study. The remainer of the group headed over to Wisher's Gate to try to see the pathfinding sparkles. Seemed the pathfind spot was still teasing us. Only Chmee saw the sparkles, but couldn't pass through to the other side of the path.  We all headed back to town feeling we got closer today with that silly pathfinding spot.

Town had the usual silliness. It wasn't long till things got more interesting. A Sirrush named Corrsta popped into town and asked me with a growl, "Why are you wearing that tattered old thing, young fellow?"

I looked at him and gave him a confused dragon sound. The Sirrush continued growling to me, "That cloak. It's unbecoming. You look like a common exile."

Coldy came over and sniffed at him and Corrsta sniffed back.  "Yes, not by choice," I told him.

Corrsta growled, "You could even be a human."

Not somthing I like being called, but Corrsta made a point. Wearing an itchy cloak wasn't something I like doing and makes me look like a human to mammals in town which I am not. Coldy asked if the Sirrush knew Corstun and I asked the Sirrush my curious queston of who are you. "You've done a good job preparing the people of Puddleby for the Drake kin." Corrsta growled. ""Oh, distant cousin of mine."

That comment made me a bit curious and maybe to anybody close enough to hear. He finally replied to Coldy, ""His father was a circus barker. Met a human woman, I'm afraid."

Coldy and I nodded our heads to the answer. I could heard Zelkhorn chortle nearby me. Corrsta continued, "I'd tell you the rest, but you can imagine."

The Sirrush coughed politely and then asked me to follow him. I gave another confused dragon sound and followed the Sirrush into an area that only a few exiles could enter. "Well?" he growled. "Are you going to show you true colors, or aren't you? If you don't want to, you can do it later. Doesn't matter to me."

I looked around for a moment and decided to remove my itchy cloak once for all. I let Corrsta know I felt way better and he nodded approvingly. My scales felt free finally and thanked the Sirrush for the help.  Corrsta told me, "On another occasion we'll have to have you out to the Sirrush caverns on these local islands. But not today, I'm afraid."

This made me a bit curious and I hope I see this place in the future. Corrsta and I gave our good byes. I headed to town and gave a few mammals a bit of a surprise of my new appearance. Coldy wanted to go on a misadventure to Jade Noids which had it's moments.

I do mean moments.

Harper, an old friend, came to help us and she noticed I was showing more of my scales now. It was fun and an interesting day.