The good thing is the shiver down my spine means the Feast of Tsrrin is coming. The bad thing is my tail is part of my spine and boy that was a long shiver.

I headed with Taryn's group back to the third pathfinding book to my surprise I can train from it. I was currently training to learn phantasms, a skill that lets you cast illusions, for casting fire and smoke illusions, but pathfinding seems to be more useful in the world. I'll go back when I get a chapter done, but it is tricky to get to and back home from the phantasm trainer. Sativa offered an easier way to train, but I usually don't see much of him around when I'm awake.

On a side note, I really need to finish adding new wings to my dragon avatar before the next feast arrives. I have been a lazy dragon.


The storm came a bit of a surprise as I traveled with Taryn's group through the jungle of Metz Island. We were all transported back to town when the storm hit. There were a lot of head scratching after the storm.

I had the strange suspicion that something was up with Nylar and his group. (I read the update notes and it seemed to point to them.) I got a small group together and we headed off to the badlands to find that Nylar and his group has disappeared from their places. Something is going to happen soon by the looks.

The third pathfinding book is the easiest one. You don't have to fight through a lot of noids to get to this book. Shame I'm still on the first chapter of the second book.

The area has a few pathfind spots that leads deeper into the caves, but nothing more of interests.

If you look close, you can see the sun like sparkles of the pathfind spots located in the rocks. These two are really close together.

Most pathfind spots are simply a hop to one place to another, but this one you can just walk through the walls.

Lots of things were happening in the lands. Stinkfist and his pirate crew were causing mischief. Sativa is trying to stir up things in the mystic world. What are these things to do with me? Nothing. I'm not part of it. Only thing I was involved in doing was finding the second pathfinding book with Taryn's group.

After the trip, I had to get my scales a good cleaning. The trip had caused my scales to get dirty and I wasn't very happy about it. Also, the trip caused me to start wanting a big juicy cow, but the lands still don't have them. This dragon is very unhappy.