I was told that I missed an invasion of Darshak that happened a time ago. An annoying sign was placed in the middle of town that I want to burn down, but without my dragon fire breath I just have to chew on it. Found new ladders around town that made good shortcuts over walls. With the information I was told and the new stuff around town, I can just imagine what happened.

I picked up my fighter gear and headed over to the fighter testing area to see what Cerberal would say to me. It was a surprise when he told me that I reminded him of ones that have passed. So, I headed into the test with a lot of hope. The Orga Rage decided to bash my hopes of getting into the third circle into the ground. Looks like I need more fighter training at least I got him a nice shade of green after the big orga took me down.

Rex was getting hungry, so I headed to the docks and started fishing. I had to eat a lot of fish to keep my bag with space till I found the fish that Rex liked. After I finally fed Rex, I had to start a fire to help my stomach to digest all that fish in it. Hopefully, Rex doesn't get hungry again any time soon. I don't think my stomach can take it.

I've decided to honor Gerag, a small fire drake that was able to talk, by placing a flower near his cave. His taste for halflings caused him to meet his end by the mammals that call Puddleby home. Makes me wish I could of came to this island earlier. I could of saved him.

With new pet by my side, I headed to the towers around town that are playfully named "Rat Towers" to train my new pet. I went around to each tower watching my pet snack on the rats and vermine inside each building. Healing him when he was really hurt. After clearing each tower, I headed to the center of town and waited for the towers' rodents to respawn. This happened a number times till I decided to head to the library or somebody drag me away for adventure.

As he grew in strength, I decided to test his limits at times. Seeing if he can take on the big cats in south forest or take on the bigger walking pile of bones that roamed between the towers on the west side of town. I found out he can take a few at a time, but wasn't strong enough to take on whole packs of these monsters.

I'm curious how long it will take till I see his next stage of growth, so more pet training is needed.