I was with my usual Wednesday group when I heard a sunstone message that someone has fallen to a ninja. A ninja?

  After the adventure was done, I searched for the fallen with others. It was long while till I came across a portal in the west farms near town. Decided to dive into the portal see what was on the other side.

There were a pirate that hated zombies, a ninja that hated pirates, and a zombie that hated ninjas. Each one of these guys had a timed quest that had you fighting a number of the creatures they hated.

  The pirate quest continued with you heading to King Helplus to ask for the king to give back the swords to the pirates. For helping the pirates, you learn how to swashbuckle.
  The ninja quest has you going inside the zombie's crypt to get a flower. Give the flower to the miller and he'll crush it for you, so the ninja can make a potion with it. The award for this quest is the ability to go stealth.
  The zombie quest has you heading to a farm area that was attacked by a fire breathing dragon for ash. You take it back to the zombie and he uses your blood with the ash to give you the ability to endure a higher level of pain.

After you finished all the quest, you head to the black dragon who is guarding a princess. You defeat the thing with the skills you learned. (I didn't like that part.) If you try to talk to the princess or the dragon without doing the quests, something like the picture below will happen to you.

The princess will give you a jar to capture a ponycorn. Some weird combo of an unicorn and a pony. I do mean weird.